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Hey baker...does this sound like you?

"I thought everything was working because I was selling like crazy, but at the end of each month, I had less money than I should have!"

If you're guessing at your prices, then you can't...

🚫Be sure that you are covering all your costs

🚫Feel confident paying yourself for your time

🚫Know when its time to raise your prices

Without knowing exactly how much to charge, you are leaving your profits to chance!

...and the future of your baking business could be on the line.

"it was a game changer. It helped me tremendously. Took all of the guess work out of pricing my desserts. It reduced the stress and anxiety of it all. I love it and you will too"

- Julie V. (Philadelphia, Pa.)

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- Robin C. (New York, NY)

"The pricing calculator gives me more time to work on other parts of my business. Look no further than The Better Baker Club. She hit it out of the park!"

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Who is The Perfect Pricing Calculator for?

The Perfect Pricing Calculator is designed for you, the home-based baker!

This is for you if:

  • You are planning your home bakery, or already selling your home-baked goods but don't know how much to charge.
  • You want to understand how to calculate your food cost, and charge for labor, packaging, and overhead.
  • You want to see exactly how much profit you make from each item you sell.

This is not for you if:

  • You do not have a computer ( not ideal for use with smartphones or tablets)
  • You do not have EITHER: access to the internet, OR Microsoft Excel

"The Perfect Pricing Calculator is a game changer!"

The Pricing Calculator has ABSOLUTELY helped save Sweet Mission from throwing in the towel. I had been using a different formula and it had the appearance that I was profiting, but I was in all actuality losing money. The Pricing Calculator is a game changer!

Chef Jason Sweet Mission Cookies.

The Perfect Pricing Calculator

What's Included...

  • Excel spreadsheet download ($97)
  • Quick Start video tutorial (value $20)
  • Ingredient Database (value $40)
  • Unit Conversion Tools (value $40)
  • Custom Pricing Tool (value $20)
  • Cost of Goods Sold Calculator (value $20)
  • Suggest Mark Up Calculator (value $20)
  • Overhead Calculator (value $20)

Total Value $277

Today's Price $49


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I'm new at running a business, will this be too complicated?

We designed The Perfect Pricing Calculator® to be easy and accessible for bakers with all experience levels. There are simple instructions throughout the spreadsheet that explain different concepts and calculations.

Can I use The Perfect Pricing Calculator® with metric measurements?

Yes, you may choose to use ounces or grams. For consistency, however, you will need to use only one measurement throughout the entire spreadsheet.

Do I need to have Excel to use this calculator?

The Perfect Pricing Calculator was designed for use with Excel. Google Sheets users may experience some formatting issues, so it is advised to use the Perfect Pricing Calculator on Excel. The great news is that Excel is now available for online use at no charge.

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