Tired of sifting through information to understand cottage food laws?




(without fear of breaking a law you've never even heard of)

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Just Imagine...

Knowing what to sell, having customers praising your talent, refreshing their social media feeds and camping on your DMs waiting for order slots to open….. 

Getting love notes from customers saying how much the birthday boy or girl loved the order (with frosting smudges on their face and a perfect pic on Instagram)

All of this and more is possible.

If you’re a hobby baker who wants to launch your business...

You’ve already heard that you need to understand the cottage food laws but….

 Here’s something hobby bakers don't know 

Looking on Facebook or searching online for the answers is a recipe for unreliable information that may not be applicable in your state and can land you in trouble with the law!

The fact is that most hobby bakers trying to DIY it,

don’t make it through to launching their home bakery.

Here’s why you may be struggling to launch your legal baking business

(and how to guarantee your business is set for success)


Using Facebook groups to find answers

No matter how many searches you do, if you post your question in a group of random people, you’ll get random results that may not be applicable in your state. Searching for answers on Facebook groups is a recipe for unreliable information.


Not understanding which foods are prohibited

Maybe you've heard that you can't even use your favorite recipes because of prohibited ingredients so you throw in the towel altogether. You need to learn which foods are prohibited, and how to develop a menu that works to avoid breaking the law and being charged expensive fines or shut down permanently.


Not getting the proper permits and licenses

You may try selling first to see if you like it but not fully prepare yourself to learn the full extent of the cottage foods laws or…you may not like what is required of you (like the rules for how your kitchen must be structured) and inspectors permanently taking away your permits.


Not understanding the labeling requirements for your package goods

You may have done some research on your own and quit trying to open your bakery because the labeling requirements are complicated in some states or you have a misconception that it’s a big expense which isn’t the case.

" I just finished the course! I feel so prepared now to set up my home bakery business! Thanks to Allyson for her enthusiasm. It's catching. I feel like I can really do this now thanks to this course." - Jill H. -

If you want to start a home baking business online to earn an extra income….

You’ve probably been told, "lead with the passion".

That’s a dangerous half-truth!

Your baking business is only as strong as the foundations it’s standing upon.

Enroll now for just $27

It's time to start baking the rules governing your state into your baking business while getting clear on what to sell, and how to label and package your treats.

Here's what past clients are saying...

"Allyson's knowledge, honesty, and approachable nature made it very easy for me to work with her!"

- Robin (Philadelphia, Pa.)

"The information about being able to identify reliable sources of information was very useful."

- Emily (Macon, Ga.)

"Very thorough and extensive. Covers EVERYTHING you may need to know before getting started!!"

- Latarius (St. Petersburg, Fl.)

Hey There Baker!

I see you making the excuse that you can’t afford to start a business right now, and I know your pain.

I’ve helped dozens of hobby bakers launch their businesses and the most common justifications they knead into their words are:

  • I will start when my kids are older
  • I'll do it when I’ve saved enough money

(While their dreams burn like a cake left too long in the oven) 

Here’s what I tell them every single time:

  • If you don’t stop waiting and start listening to that little voice inside your head, you’ll never launch.

If you’re going to have overflowing orders, clients begging to get their hands on your treats, and making up an occasion just to order, you’ll need to understand the laws.

 And I can help you do that.


And to make sure you’re supported every step of the way here are even more treats:

So you’re fully prepared to run your business legally (and earn more from your passion)

Private Facebook Group

This is where you’ll go to get your most pressing questions answered quickly and accurately, learn from what other hobby bakers are doing, and celebrate each other’s tasty wins.

You’ll also get:

Exclusive Q&A weekly lives with Allyson

Random (yet useful) finger-licking information not shared anywhere else!

New Business Set Up Guide

In this bonus 6-page guide, you’ll get a step by step breakdown of how to set up your business on social media, setting up your business office accounts, financial essentials, and taking payments so that you can launch that business confidently and turn your dreams into reality.

My Personal Success Strategies

To equip yourself with the rules you must follow to legally bake and sell products from your home so you can avoid run-ins with the law (Clutching the metal behind bars wasn’t how you visualized spending your days.)

Baking Business Mindset Journal

A guided journal to awaken your inner entrepreneur. Baking may be second nature to you, but you’ll need a different set of skills to be good at running your business and this journal will get you there!

Allyson has specific expertise regarding starting and running bakery businesses and I liked her approach, which was personable and pragmatic.

-Robin C.-


Inside the course you get:

  • Full access to the online Home Bakery Regulations course with 30+ videos.
  • 22 Page Workbook with task sheets and homework to help you learn.
  • The Bakery Business Mindset Journal.
  • The New Business Set-Up Guide (to get your business up and running)
  • Success Strategies PDF- My 7 winning habits to incorporate into your baking biz.
  • Access to the private members-only Facebook group with weekly live Q and A's with Allyson.
Enroll Now for Just $27

Thank you, thank you! You cleared the way! The amount of quality expertise that you hold is mind-blowing! Your enthusiasm is heart-strengthening, and your support and quick attention are business-saving.

Teresa B. Sugar Finery Cookies

Before starting the course I thought setting up my own business would be impossible, even if I learned to bake the most fantastic things. The course makes me feel reassured that it would indeed be possible.

I tend to be all over the place, so having something all mapped out like this is really good for personality types like me.

As always, your voice and personality also make me feel calm and assured.

— Jill H


Allyson 'Queen Frostine' Grant offers you this sweet 30-day Money-back guarantee:

I know this works because it’s the same process I’ve used to grow four retail bakeries with three of them operating simultaneously; while the icing on the cake was the delicious award “Woman-owned business of the year” from the Chamber of Commerce and an appearance on Cupcakes Wars and baker for The Cake Boss.

If, after completing my course, Home Bakery Regulations, you do not feel ready and confident to launch and run your business according to your local and state laws,

I will offer you a complete refund upon request. No questions asked.

Hey, I'm Allyson.

For as long as I can remember I dreamt of owning my own bakery.

But I didn’t pursue the plan for many, many years. It lived in my head until 15 years into my career as a baker that I finally decided to DO IT!

15 years ago I was so overwhelmed and confused trying to start my home-based baking business. I fumbled my way through the rules and regulations and unknowingly, broke many of them along the way. 

I made several mistakes but with lots of persistence, I managed to grow my business into a thriving store earning multiple six-figure sales within my first year.

Since then, I have gone to open four more retail bakeries, with three of them operating simultaneously.

When it comes to understanding the journey that you are about to embark on, I wholeheartedly do!

I never would have gotten to where I am today if I had not opened my home-based bakery.

I have since shifted my focus from baking to teaching with the goal of helping people feel the same sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes along with owning your own business.

Now……..I want to help you find that kind of sweet success with YOUR business.

Cheering you on,



We've got A's for your Q's

Does this class explain the laws for each state?

This is a guided research course. It explains each concept and teaches you how to find reliable information for your state.  

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is self-paced so you can go as quickly as you like. Most people finish the course in about three weeks.  

Will I be certified to open my bakery after this course?

This class does not offer any formal certification. It does direct you to find the answers to your state requirements for any necessary certification, however..

Will I learn about the foods I’m not allowed to sell in my state?

In module 5 of the course, you will learn about potentially hazardous foods and compile a list of your state’s prohibited ingredients.  

What if I take the course and I don’t like it?

I’m confident you’ll have a solid foundation for understanding cottage food laws after taking this course. That’s why I’m offering you a 30-day unconditional guarantee. If you don’t agree that this course explained each concept thoroughly and helped you find reliable information for your own state requirements, or if you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason – just email me for a prompt and cheerful refund.  

Does this course explain the labeling requirements for home bakers?

Module three of the course is dedicated to labeling and packaging. You’ll learn the basics of labeling as well as have a workbook segment for researching your state-specific requirements.  

What should I do if I still need more help understanding my state laws?

Access to a private Facebook group is included with your course. Weekly live Q&A sessions are available to ask questions and are recorded if you cannot attend the live call. If you still have questions after completing this course, there is a supplemental list of resources provided in the workbook.  

Will I learn about filing my taxes in this course?

This course does not cover any bookkeeping lessons. The information provided in  this course does not and is not intended to, constitute legal advice  

Will I learn about the foods I’m not allowed to sell in my state?

In module 5 of the course, you will learn about potentially hazardous foods and compile a list of your state’s prohibited ingredients.  

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  • 6 modules of video training
  • A complete workbook to deeply equip you with the laws and bake them into your business
  • Checklists and task sheets to make running your home bakery even sweeter
  • Private FB community
  • Plus all the bonus material to help you go from hobby baker to business owner


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